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Moving Head Lights

Moving head lights are a type of stage lighting that enables the light source to move and change direction, creating dynamic and engaging visual effects. These lights can be adjusted remotely to pan, tilt, zoom, and change colour, allowing performers to create complex and intricate lighting displays on stage.

There are various types of moving head lights, including spotlights, wash lights, and beam lights, each with its unique features and capabilities. Moving head lighting is commonly used in concerts, theater productions, dance performances, and other live events.

Yowcha has a wide selection of moving head lights at great prices. Check out our selection of moving head lights from the industry leading manufacturers. With the latest Fixture designs, each fixture brings a range of visual effects perfect for any stage. From bright beams to bold patterns, whether you are a mobile DJ, a pub venue or club; moving head lights are a great way to add excitement to your setup!


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