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AV-Link Multifunction Audio Convertor Bluetooth

AV-Link Multifunction Audio Convertor Bluetooth


Product Description

Introducing the AV:Link Multifunction Audio Convertor and Bluetooth Receiver, a versatile and compact device designed to convert various digital audio formats to analogue. Encased in a sleek aluminium chassis and powered by USB, this unit is not only stylish but also easy to install and use. Equipped with an IR remote control and a variety of connection cables, it offers a hassle-free experience.

With the AV:Link Multifunction Audio Convertor and Bluetooth Receiver, you can effortlessly convert digital media to analogue RCA (L/R) and AUX (3.5mm) outputs. Its Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity allows for seamless audio streaming from smart devices.

AV-Link Multifunction Audio Convertor Bluetooth

Key Features

  • Converts many formats of digital media to analogue RCA (L/R) and AUX (3.5mm) outputs
  • Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity for audio streaming from smart devices
  • Simple plug and play installation and instant synchronisation without delay
  • Integrated USB media player

Additional Information

The plug and play installation ensures immediate synchronisation without any delays. Additionally, it features an integrated USB media player and a convenient Power/Volume control knob.

Included with the device is an IR remote control and a wide selection of connecting leads, providing you with everything you need to set up and connect your audio devices.

The AV:Link Multifunction Audio Convertor and Bluetooth Receiver is the perfect solution for devices such as games consoles, LED TVs, projectors, and Blu-ray players that lack RCA or 3.5mm audio outputs. To power the unit, a DC jack to USB power lead is also supplied. Upgrade your audio connectivity with the AV:Link Multifunction Audio Convertor and Bluetooth Receiver.

Experience the convenience of wireless audio streaming and easily connect your devices to external audio outputs. Say goodbye to limitations and enjoy the freedom this innovative device offers.

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Customer Reviews

Client Review

Yowcha Sound and Light is an amazing company that provides the best quality sound and lighting products at competitive prices. The company's customer service is exemplary, and their staff is always eager to help and answer any questions I may have. I recently purchased a set of speakers from Yowcha Sound and Light and was very impressed with the quality of the products and their prices.

Fletcher Smith

Client Review

Would like to say thanks again for the care and attention put into choosing the right product for myself. As a customer it's refreshing to be able to have such great customer service.

I highly recommend anyone to shop at this store, honest prices, great customer care and broad range of products. Fantastic business to work with.

AKD Control

Client Review

I'm so impressed with your selection of musical instruments and DJ equipment. I love that you guys carry the latest in technology and that you're able to offer a variety of items.

It's great to see you carry so many different items that are perfect for a variety of situations. Brilliant shop and 12 out of 10 for customer service!!!

Mark Higgins

Client Review

Great place to check out some really cool kit!! Andy is super helpful and will always strive to match your budget. Don't buy online. Pop to Yowcha!!

Bought some really great gear from here - Don't miss out on some brilliant deals in-store! AND, there's always a demo before you decide to buy. Excellent service!

Tim jay-smith - The COP Shop, Furniture Store Grimsby

Client Review

Andy at Yowcha really knows his stuff - As far as I'm aware, there's no other music shop or PA store around for miles with his kind of knowledge (although he'll hate me saying that!)

But sorry Andy, it's the truth, and your customer service is the best I've ever come across. Many thanks to you, highly recommended to everyone - go down to Yowcha in Grimsby!

Derek Grimshaw, Lincoln City

Client Review

Unparalleled Performance and Versatility: A True Audiophile's Dream! I recently purchased the AV:Link Multifunction Audio Convertor and Bluetooth Receiver from Yowcha Sound and Light Music Shop, and I am absolutely blown away by its incredible performance and versatility. 5 Stars from me!
James Seddon - Scunthorpe, Lincs

Client Review

This amazing built-in Bluetooth receiver provides hassle-free wireless audio streaming. Pairing my smartphone or tablet is a breeze, and the device maintains a stable connection without any noticeable drop in quality. The convenience of wirelessly enjoying my favorite playlists or podcasts throughout my home is truly a game-changer. Furthermore, I must commend the AV:Link Multifunction Audio Convertor on its build quality. It feels solid and durable, exuding a sense of professional craftsmanship. The compact size and sleek design also make it a space-saving addition to my existing audio setup. Finally, I would like to express my utmost gratitude to Yowcha Sound and Light Music Shop for their exceptional customer service. The owner Andy was knowledgeable, taking the time to understand my requirements and recommending the AV:Link Convertor - a true gem that has surpassed all my expectations.
Stephen Wilks from Horncastle

Client Review

Without a doubt, it was well worth a drive up to Yowcha in Grimsby, all the way from Boston, Lincolnshire to buy the AV:Link Multifunction Audio Convertor and Bluetooth Receiver! It's a must-have device for any audiophile seeking unparalleled performance, exceptional versatility, and a hassle-free audio experience. Trust me, once you experience its capabilities, you won't settle for anything less. One of the standout features of this device is its extensive range of connectivity options. Equipped with multiple input and output ports, it seamlessly connects to various audio sources, including PCs, gaming consoles, CD players, and more. This versatility goes a long way in adapting to all my audio needs, making it a truly universal solution for any audiophile enthusiast. Highly recommended!
Peter Ferrioli

Client Review

As a discerning audiophile, this device has exceeded all my expectations and has become an indispensable part of my audio setup. First and foremost, the audio quality delivered by this convertor is simply stunning. Thanks to its advanced digital-to-analog converter, music and sound come through with exceptional clarity and precision. Every note, nuance, and instrument is rendered with impressive accuracy, leaving no room for compromise. Whether I'm playing music from my digital devices or streaming wirelessly via Bluetooth, the AV:Link convertor ensures an immersive audio experience like no other. This device is small and compact and build quality is beautiful! Thanks toy Yowcha Music Shop in Grimsby for stocking this amazing kit at a great price! Well worth the day out in Grimsby / Cleethorpes.
Ben from Mablethorpe


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