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Acebeam W50 LEP Flashlight 4km Beam SALE!

Acebeam W50 LEP Flashlight 4km Beam SALE!


Product Description

Acebeam W50 LEP Flashlight 4km Beam Throw!


The Acebeam W50 LEP Flashlight is an industrial-grade product, in fact, it is actually a Searchlight available for search and rescue, fire fighting, police forces, border patrol, prison officers, coastal services, security companies, airports, terminals, certain factories and mining, as well as for other various specialised industries, such as coast guards, sea port officials and mariners and it's available now from your favourite sound and light music shop Grimsby. Yowcha is the officially UK Acebeam Dealer.

Acebeam W50 LEP Flashlight 4km Beam SALE!

Key Features

  • The W50 LEP Flashlight adopts the world's most high-end blue laser to stimulate yellow phosphor to form a wide, white laser. It enhances patented technology and has an unique optical system, so that the laser light source has life expectancy of 10,000 hrs
  • Intelligent efficient constant current circuit, automatically remembers the brightness mode of the last setting mode
  • W50 is one of the world's only practical white laser lighting searchlights developed by Acebeam. Ultra-long straight precision white beam, with auto focus, together gives you truly amazing high-light intensity, which will let you explore the night!
  • With the W50's unique auto zoom for widening the beam for close encounters, and its 4km solid white beam throw, it is ideal for Search and Rescue teams, Coast Guards, Port Tug Boats, Security Guards, Fire & Rescue, the Police Force, & Armed Forces
  • 1200 Lumens, light source life of 10,000 hours.
  • Throw 3970000 CD 3985 metres /16300CD 255 metres
  • CLASS 3B Laser Technology
  • 2000g 8 x 18650 Battery Pack Included
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • 206 mm (length) x 80mm (Head diametre) x 63.8mm (Tube diametre)
  • The world's leading unique practical white laser light source and dark visual enhanced technology
  • Ultra-long-range beam exposure, maximum distance of up to 3985 metres
  • High, middle, and low - three lighting modes, for a wide range using
  • Focus adjustable function, divergence angle from 1.7 ° to 24.8 °
  • Regulates the focus between the spotlight far-reaching beam & floodlight closing wide beam
  • For closing wide light, the spot maintains a uniformed, sharp circle, with no black centre
  • Fitting with Japan's advanced optical lens with double-sided scratch-resistant coating
  • Constructed from aero-grade aluminium alloy; with HAIII-grade hard-anodized finish

Additional Information

The Acebeam W50 LEP Flashlight is the perfect tool for outdoor enthusiasts, law enforcement officials, and anyone in need of a reliable and powerful source of light. Utilizing a Laser Excited Phosphor (LEP) emitter, this flashlight provides an incredibly bright and focused beam that can illuminate targets at over 4,000 metres away. The W50 is also waterproof and built to withstand extreme conditions, making it an ideal choice for tactical operations.

With its compact and lightweight design, ergonomic grip, and long battery life, the Acebeam W50 LEP Flashlight is an excellent investment for those who demand the best in performance and durability from their gear. Additionally, the Acebeam W50 LEP Flashlight's impressive performance is enhanced through search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, ensuring it is easily discoverable online by those in search of high-quality, long-lasting flashlights for their specific needs.

The laser class is Class 3B. Therefore, online retail is not supported. An enterprise-level security agreement is required for purchasing. For more information or a hands-on demonstration, please call Yowcha Sound and Light on 07495 168225.

The W50 is designed for industrial purposes such as search and rescue, fire fighting, border security, prison surveillance, airport security, terminal management, factory operations, and mining activities, in addition to other specialized industries. It falls under the Class 3B of laser classification, hence it cannot be purchased online. One must enter into an enterprise-level security agreement to buy it.

1. Caution: Using this high-intensity flashlight can cause eye damage. Avoid shining it directly into anyone's eyes, including your own, or any animals.

2. This flashlight is designed for use by adults or under adult supervision. Keep it away from children to prevent accidents.

3. Do not use the flashlight in close proximity to objects to prevent burns or other hazards associated with high temperatures.

4. Tampering with the sealed head of the flashlight can damage it and void your warranty.

5. To avoid accidental activation during storage or transportation, lock the flashlight.

6. To maintain the optimal battery performance, recharge any stored flashlight every four months.

7. Upon completion of charging, always remove the charging cable and securely screw on the tail cap.

8. Please note that this flashlight is not suitable for underwater use.   

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Customer Reviews

Client Review

Would like to say thanks again for the care and attention put into choosing the right product for myself. As a customer it's refreshing to be able to have such great customer service.

I highly recommend anyone to shop at this store, honest prices, great customer care and broad range of products. Fantastic business to work with.

AKD Control

Client Review

Great service from Andy at Yowcha. I've bought a lot of my PA stuff from him and his music shop. I'd never go anywhere else! 1st Class customer care and products.

Steve Waltham

Client Review

Yowcha Sound and Light is an amazing company that provides the best quality sound and lighting products at competitive prices. The company's customer service is exemplary, and their staff is always eager to help and answer any questions I may have. I recently purchased a set of speakers from Yowcha Sound and Light and was very impressed with the quality of the products and their prices.

Fletcher Smith

Client Review

I'm so impressed with your selection of musical instruments and DJ equipment. I love that you guys carry the latest in technology and that you're able to offer a variety of items.

It's great to see you carry so many different items that are perfect for a variety of situations. Brilliant shop and 12 out of 10 for customer service!!!

Mark Higgins

Client Review

Great place to check out some really cool kit!! Andy is super helpful and will always strive to match your budget. Don't buy online. Pop to Yowcha!!

Bought some really great gear from here - Don't miss out on some brilliant deals in-store! AND, there's always a demo before you decide to buy. Excellent service!

Tim jay-smith - The COP Shop, Furniture Store Grimsby

Client Review

Andy at Yowcha really knows his stuff - As far as I'm aware, there's no other music shop or PA store around for miles with his kind of knowledge (although he'll hate me saying that!)

But sorry Andy, it's the truth, and your customer service is the best I've ever come across. Many thanks to you, highly recommended to everyone - go down to Yowcha in Grimsby!

Derek Grimshaw, Lincoln City

Client Review

I recently bought the Acebeam W50 LEP flashlight from Yowcha in Grimsby, Lincolnshire and I must say, it's nothing short of amazing! This is by far the best flashlight I have ever owned! It has a solid construction and a sleek finish that gives it a premium look that stands out. It's perfect for our search and rescue team on the southern coast! The output is stunning! With a maximum output of 4500 lumens, the W50 LEP flashlight can illuminate even the darkest corners. Thanks to its long-range capabilities of 4km, I can easily spot objects with the help of my team mates binoculars at a massive distance; which is something I couldn't achieve with our previous searchlights.

Tim - Cornwall Search and Rescue

Client Review

As an outdoor enthusiast, finding reliable gear is crucial for a successful adventure. The Acebeam W50 LEP flashlight from Yowcha in Grimsby has without a doubt taken the crown for my go-to torch! Many thanks Andy for helping me choose the best flashlight for my hobbies as well as my work as a search and rescue volunteer!

Stefan from Wales

Client Review

First off, the build quality of this LEP is top-notch. The aircraft-grade aluminum body instills a sense of durability and ruggedness, perfect for those who need a flashlight that can take a beating. But what really caught my attention was the intuitive interface. With a single button, I can easily switch between modes and adjust the brightness levels with ease. What a flashlight!

David Banion - Leeds

Client Review

I am part of a great search and rescue team that always looks for the brightest and longest throw Flashlights. What really blew me away was the beam distance. The Acebeam W50 LEP flashlight boasts an incredible range of up to 4,500 metres - that's over 4.5km's! The light is incredibly bright and penetrates even the darkest environments. And unlike traditional flashlights, the LEP beam is incredibly focused, meaning you can even see specific details from a great distance. Highly recommended!

George Tooby - Scottish Highlands

Client Review

All in all, I highly recommend the Acebeam W50 LEP flashlight from Yowcha in Grimsby for anyone in need of a truly reliable and impressive torch searchlight. Whether you're a hunter, hiker, or just someone who loves the outdoors, this flashlight is one you won't regret investing in. Trust me, it's a game-changer

Mark from Nottingham

Client Review

Wow! This is one SERIOUS Seachlight! 4km Beam throw. I needed binoculars to see the end of this beast! VERY impressive. Perfect circle when you zoom in - no spill! Amazed, what next?

Stuart - Humberside Fire and Rescue


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