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Chauvet GigBAR Move DJ Lighting

Chauvet GigBAR Move DJ Lighting


Product Description

The Chauvet GigBAR Move is a versatile and powerful lighting fixture that is perfect for any event or venue. This innovative lighting system features four LED fixtures that can be independently controlled, allowing for a wide range of lighting effects and patterns. The GigBAR Move is designed for easy set-up and use, making it perfect for DJs and lighting professionals looking to create a dynamic and visually stunning display.

With its bright and vibrant LEDs, the GigBAR Move is capable of producing a wide range of colours and effects, from vibrant beams of light to subtle washes.

Chauvet GigBAR Move DJ Lighting

Key Features

  • 5-in-1 lighting system that includes moving heads, derby's, washes, a laser and strobe effect pre-mounted on a single bar
  • Separate colour and gobo wheels in moving heads allow for creative programming
  • Totem Mode keeps the moving heads focused on the dance floor
  • Easy navigation and access to all functions, directly from the full-colour LCD display
  • System includes a tripod, wireless footswitch and FREE carry bags to ensure quick setup
  • Built-in UV LEDs illuminate florescent objects and make them pop
  • Individual control of each effect ensures your show looks the way you need it to
  • Easy control via stand-alone, DMX, wireless IRC-6 remote or wireless footswitch
  • Compatible with the GigBAR 2 in master/slave for huge coverage and dynamic light shows
  • Works and looks like a full, larger lighting rig - A complete lighting rig all-in-one

Additional Information

The system also features pre-programmed light shows, allowing users to quickly and easily create an incredible light show with just the push of a button.

Other features of the Chauvet GigBAR Move include a built-in strobe light, adjustable tilt and pan, and wireless control via DMX or an optional remote control. This makes it a perfect lighting solution for mobile DJs, small venues, and event planners looking to create a memorable and impressive light show.

Overall, the Chauvet GigBAR Move is an excellent lighting fixture that combines versatility, power, and ease of use. Whether you're a professional lighting designer or just starting out, the GigBAR Move is a great choice for any event or venue. Keywords: Lighting, LED fixtures, DJ, Light show, Chauvet GigBAR Move.

The ability to independently manage each effect guarantees a tailored appearance for your performance, while incorporating dynamic features like UV LEDs that highlight fluorescent objects. The control of the GigBAR Move is effortless, allowing for standalone, DMX, wireless IRC-6 remote, or wireless footswitch options. For extensive coverage and extraordinary light shows, the GigBAR Move is compatible with GigBAR 2 when used in master/slave mode.

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Customer Reviews

Client Review

Great service from Andy at Yowcha. I've bought a lot of my PA stuff from him and his music shop. I'd never go anywhere else! 1st Class customer care and products.

Steve Waltham

Client Review

Yowcha Sound and Light is an amazing company that provides the best quality sound and lighting products at competitive prices. The company's customer service is exemplary, and their staff is always eager to help and answer any questions I may have. I recently purchased a set of speakers from Yowcha Sound and Light and was very impressed with the quality of the products and their prices.

Fletcher Smith

Client Review

Would like to say thanks again for the care and attention put into choosing the right product for myself. As a customer it's refreshing to be able to have such great customer service.

I highly recommend anyone to shop at this store, honest prices, great customer care and broad range of products. Fantastic business to work with.

AKD Control

Client Review

Great place to check out some really cool kit!! Andy is super helpful and will always strive to match your budget. Don't buy online. Pop to Yowcha!!

Bought some really great gear from here - Don't miss out on some brilliant deals in-store! AND, there's always a demo before you decide to buy. Excellent service!

Tim jay-smith - The COP Shop, Furniture Store Grimsby

Client Review

Andy at Yowcha really knows his stuff - As far as I'm aware, there's no other music shop or PA store around for miles with his kind of knowledge (although he'll hate me saying that!)

But sorry Andy, it's the truth, and your customer service is the best I've ever come across. Many thanks to you, highly recommended to everyone - go down to Yowcha in Grimsby!

Derek Grimshaw, Lincoln City

Client Review

I'm so impressed with your selection of musical instruments and DJ equipment. I love that you guys carry the latest in technology and that you're able to offer a variety of items.

It's great to see you carry so many different items that are perfect for a variety of situations. Brilliant shop and 12 out of 10 for customer service!!!

Mark Higgins

Client Review

I personally find that the Chauvet Gigbar Move is the perfect lighting solution for me, or any other DJ or entertainer looking for a versatile and reliable and amazing lighting rig. This all-in-one unit includes a pair of moving head fixtures, a laser, a strobe effect, and a wash light, making it a truly comprehensive lighting package. Fully recommend!
James - Boston Lincs


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